Are you a professional looking to share your knowledge and skills? If so, become a mentor today and support a graduating international student in starting his/her career in Nova Scotia.

Halifax  NS, Nov 8, 2016- Edunova and Venor are partnering to bring mentorship opportunities to a group of committed international students who want to make Nova Scotia their home post-graduation.

We are looking for a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, including: Arts and Culture, Business, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Accounting, Government, IT, Law, Manufacturing and Utilities, Marketing, Communications, PR, Natural Resources, Non- profit, Recreation and Sport, Sales, Science, Social and Community Services, Trades.

Making Connections that Count: What is the Stay in Nova Scotia Program?

The STAY in Nova Scotia (STAY-NS) program is coordinated by EduNova, a co-operative of education and training providers aiming to attract international students and develop the economy. The STAY-NS program is a provincial program providing employment and labour market support to 50 final-year international students. As part of the program, Edunova and Venor are collaborating to provide mentorship opportunities for students to apply learnings, build meaningful and professional connections, and gain an understanding of Nova Scotia's workplace culture. The goal of STAY-NS is to support international students to stay, live, work, and to build meaningful professional connections in Nova Scotia.

“The greatest and most reassuring thing is knowing there is a group of other students in the same boat as me, and that there is a wonderful team of people working to help us stay here after graduation.”  – Participating student, STAY-NS program

What mentors do:

  • ?  Meet with your assigned student a minimum of 6 times between Nov 2016-Sept 2017

  • ?  Share your knowledge, skills, advice, and connections

  • ?  Provide feedback on strengths and areas of improvement

  • ?  Respond to students and be open to answering questions about working in Nova Scotia

  • ?  Be available to support your student as s/he transitions from ‘student’ to ‘professional’

To become a mentor, sign up at: or contact Chantal Brine at by November 25, 2016.

For STAY-NS program enquiries, contact Jennifer Wesman at:  

About Edunova

EduNova is a co-operative industry association of education and training providers in Nova Scotia, Canada. With an office in the province’s capital city of Halifax, we are the only provincial education and training co-operative in Canada.  EduNova’s mandate is to work with members to raise the profile of Nova Scotia’s education and training expertise. EduNova’s focus is on collaborative international recruitment activities and the identification of international project opportunities.

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