HALIFAX, April 27, 2016 - Venor has acquired the assets of Equals6, an Innovacorp-funded technology company that connects graduates with mentors vested in the post-collegiate success of their mentees. Created by Andy Osborn, a seasoned entrepreneur and software engineer with more than 20 years of start-up and technology experience, Equals6 has already  impacted more than 13,000 students and 125 employers from across North America.

“Venor has an established reputation for placing qualified candidates in challenging and rewarding positions.” said Chantal Brine, Vice President of Venor’s new venture. “We are taking that same standard of excellence to helping new talent in our province’s students’ prepare for and find meaningful employment.”

As Vice President of Venor’s new venture, Brine will align students with mentors in their field of interest using Equals6’s technology, Student2Mentors. A cloud-based, automated and customizable platform, Student2Mentors enables students, mentors and administrators to create mentorship programs and track their success.

“We see firsthand the challenge of employers who want to attract the right talent and grow businesses here,” says Ian Sullivan, Venor Co-Founder. “We want to do our part to support the call of the One NS Coalition and the Ivany Report to act. Rather than standby idly on the sidelines, we have created a focus solely on building a stronger and more inspired youth talent pool in Nova Scotia.”

Brine will bring her experience in organizational change, human resources, community relations, entrepreneurship and technology to bear in helping post-secondary students and graduates transition from student to professional and is collaborating with academic institutions to pilot evolutions to Students2Mentors and further develop Venor’s spinoff.

Current clients and users of Students2Mentors can look forward to continued support as well as new features and services that will build upon the successes already achieved.

About Venor

Venor was started by two partners  - Craig Coady and Ian Sullivan - who shared a vision for how to build a different kind of executive search company and the entrepreneurial passion to start something fresh. It holds integrity and relationships as its highest values, followed closely by results and innovation.

Venor offers professional and executive search services in Atlantic Canada and beyond, including the US. We work closely with clients, get to know their businesses and understand their needs thoroughly. The quality of our client relationships along with our vast networks, allows Venor to consistently deliver the right talent solutions. The same holds true for candidates who choose Venor. We help people advance their careers and make the right moves by getting to know them and their aspirations.

For more information, contact:

Chantal Brine
Vice President