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We want you to get to know the team here at Venor. We are a proud, diverse team of professionals that are truly passionate about what we do and love helping you succeed. In between finding key new talent for top companies, making and building relationships, and striving for that elusive match, we’re always interested in meeting new people. So please reach out—we’d love to chat!

Ian Sullivan

Managing Partner - Executive Recruitment & Talent Consulting

Craig Coady

Managing Partner

Shardeigh McGillivray


Wayne Crawley


Erika Hildebrand

Partner - Engineering & Manufacturing Recruitment

Nick Misener

Partner - IT Recruitment

Genevieve Belben

Vice President, Career Transition

Natalie Isaacs

Senior Consultant - Finance & Insurance

Graham Langill

Senior Consultant - Business Development

Alisha Dsouza

Recruitment Specialist - New Brunswick

Alex Armsworthy

Senior Consultant - New Brunswick

Jennifer Machattie


Rose MacAuley

Recruitment Specialist

Anna Bryant

IT Recruitment Specialist

Steph MacIntosh

IT Recruitment Specialist

Dan McDonald

Recruitment Specialist

Nada Halawa

Recruitment Specialist

Andrea Murray

Recruitment Specialist

Tommy Grant

Recruitment Coordinator

Jenna Levangie

Project Coordinator

Brad Langille

Senior Advisor