Our Team

Andrea Murray

Born and raised in Halifax, Andrea graduated Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Human Resources in 2020. After graduation, Andrea quickly began her career in the IT industry working as a project manager, and later recruiting top talent to IBM when working as a Talent Acquisition Partner at IBM. Andrea has gained extensive experience in event planning, public speaking, running career development workshops, branding, and managing the recruitment lifecycle. 

Andrea believes there is a role for everyone. She emphasises the importance of connecting with candidates to understand their goals and values and to work together to figure out what that perfect role looks like for them. She believes understanding people is what helps contribute to a diverse workforce and deliver unique skills to clients. 

Andrea is passionate about helping others, advocating for mental health in the workplace and continuously learning about health & wellbeing to help live her best life and to educate others. Outside of recruitment and continuous learning, Andrea enjoys travelling (or just talking about her study abroad in Ireland!), paddle boarding, taking her dog Cooper to the beach, and trying new foods. It is also likely that you will run in to her at a local café enjoying a latte or matcha!