Venor Adds New Partners

Venor Adds New Partners

Recruiting & Talent firm Venor, with offices in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, has announced that three of their staff will be purchasing shares to become partners in the firm. Shardeigh McGillivray, Erika Hildebrand, and Nick Misener become equity partners effective October 1, 2020.

McGillivray, the first employee hired by founders Ian Sullivan and Craig Coady in 2012, describes the milestone as somewhat surreal “I have always felt like Venor was my company, and now that is becoming a reality”.

Hildebrand joined McGillivray a few months later in October 2012. “Craig and Ian have always promoted a peer culture at Venor and let us know how valuable we were to the firm. I am excited to be able to contribute to our strategic growth going forward.”

Misener joined in January 2019, attracted by the opportunity to be an owner. “Helping entrepreneurs grow as a talent partner for their business is what drives me every day. And now as a partner at Venor, I can focus on helping us grow in new areas outside of just recruiting.”

Wayne Crawley joined Venor as the firm’s third partner in 2016. Sullivan and Coady retain majority ownership but see the newest partners as part of their long term evolution of the firm.

“Shardeigh, Erika, and Nick have been a huge part of growing our brand and earning the trust of our clients”, says Sullivan. “Craig and I aren’t going anywhere, but it’s comforting to know we have young partners locked in to help us build the future.”

“If it’s one thing I know from my time in this business, it’s that exceptional talent is hard to come by and can’t be taken for granted,” says Coady. “I would match those three against any recruiters in the country and am excited to see what they can contribute to the firm on a broader scale. We have big plans for continued growth and their input will be key to our success.”

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