Venor Ranked in the Top 5% of Canadian Recruitment Firms

Venor Ranked in the Top 5% of Canadian Recruitment Firms

Venor is pleased to be selected as one of the most prominent Canadian recruitment firms, ranking in the Top 60 Recruiters in Canada as published by Hunt Scanlon for 2021.

Hunt Scanlon presents this list annually to showcase the most influential and innovative Canadian recruitment firms. The list is compiled by Hunt Scanlon reporters and analysts who have researched firms across the country.

Venor recently celebrated nine years in business in Canada. Headquartered in Halifax, NS with offices in Moncton, NB, and St. John’s, NL, Venor enjoys a reputation as being a results-oriented, relationship-centric talent firm. Please view the downloadable PDF with the entire listing.

About Venor

Venor was created by Craig Coady and Ian Sullivan who shared a vision and a passion for building a different kind of talent firm. We are proactive, nimble, and relationship-focused, treating our clients as partners and working closely with them throughout our process. Our goal is to cultivate long-lasting relationships with the talent we represent. Our vast networks allow us to consistently deliver the right talent solutions ensuring long-term success for both our client and candidate. For more information on Venor, visit

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