JF Ratthé Joins Venor, Leading the Firm’s Return to Newfoundland

JF Ratthé Joins Venor, Leading the Firm’s Return to Newfoundland

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Recruiting & Talent firm Venor, with offices in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and now St. John’s, Newfoundland, has welcomed JF Ratthé to their team. JF, a Newfoundland resident, is an experienced recruiter and entrepreneur of 15+ years, who worked most recently with Fredericton’s Introhive, helping lead talent acquisition for the venture capital backed tech firm through a period of rapid growth. JF will be headquartered in Newfoundland leading Venor’s return to the market, with a focus on leveraging his global tech network and ties to the public sector to connect Newfoundland organizations with new talent in the region. “After working first-hand with the Venor team at Introhive, I saw a successful growing business that is built on relationships and community values”

“JF is an exciting addition to our team and we are thrilled to further our commitment to the Newfoundland market”, said Ian Sullivan, partner at Venor. “The pandemic has been a challenging time for businesses globally, but the need for great people to help companies navigate our current reality and plan for recovery has perhaps never been greater. In Atlantic Canada, we have been very fortunate to have a relatively safe haven for businesses and we are seeing encouraging signs of both economic recovery and growth.” 

“JF has a deep professional network in Atlantic Canada and beyond. This is an exciting opportunity for JF to leverage the Venor team’s relationships and expertise to bring new talent into the Newfoundland business ecosystem. It’s a key market that is critical to our future growth”, said Coady, also a Newfoundland native.

Reach out to JF to learn more about Venor talent solutions via jf@venor.ca

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