Venor Expands with New Senior Recruitment Consultant to Lead NL Tech Practice

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (September 7, 2023) Venor, a premier talent acquisition and human resource solutions provider, announced the appointment of accomplished professional Ryan Thistle as the head of the NL Tech Practice in its St. John’s office. This strategic addition further strengthens Venor’s commitment to delivering exceptional talent acquisition services, expanding its footprint in the […]

Dubai-Based Startup LVL Wellbeing to Recruit Tech and Engineering Talent in Halifax

Venor is excited to announce its partnership with LVL Wellbeing as the Dubai-based workplace wellness company expands its operations into Halifax, Nova Scotia. LVL Wellbeing’s digital and physical ecosystem provides world-class wellbeing services to people at the world’s most forward-thinking organizations, with the belief that you don’t have to choose between your career and your […]

Preparing for an Interview?

Working as a recruitment professional I find there is an area when interviewing that both hiring managers and candidates struggle with. It’s the complex process of storytelling, effectively answering questions, and scoring those answers. Aligning skills, knowledge, experiences, capabilities, and style to complement each other’s needs can be challenging. It is about fit. What it […]

Venor appoints Beverley Evans to CEO

Veteran leader with deep experience across of a range of industries takes the helm at Atlantic Canada-based talent recruitment and consulting firm; company poised for exciting growth.

Venor Strengthens Team with Appointment of Beverley Evans as Managing Partner

Venor is thrilled to announce the appointment of Beverley Evans, FCPA, CA, ICD.D as Managing Partner. Along with a strong and proven record of leadership, Bev brings over 30 years of experience in strategy, governance, finance, operations, and human resources in various sectors including manufacturing, mining, seafood, and energy. In addition, she has provided advisory […]

Venor Adds Five Strong Female Employees in Six Months

Gender equality continues to progress in the recruiting industry, and what was once assumed a male-dominated industry has balanced and become more equal. Women are taking the recruiting industry by storm, and in turn, contribute to building a stronger workplace. In the last six months, Venor has added five new female team members, with no […]

Venor Expands into Toronto

Recruiting firm Venor, with offices in Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton, and St. John’s has now expanded into the Greater Toronto Area with a focus on recruitment in the technology sector. “Remote roles in tech are here to stay, and we want to continue expanding into other markets where we can continue to focus on talent relationships, […]

Why Don’t We Have Salaries in Our Job Postings?

Venor doesn’t always disclose salaries in our job postings. Read on to learn what Venor Co-Founder Craig Coady has to say about disclosing ranges and transparency within the hiring landscape. “We’ve been seeing a lot of LinkedIn content lately that’s calling for employers to include salaries in their job postings. And I get the sentiment […]

Venor Partners with OverlayAnalytics to Recruit R&D Talent in Halifax


Venor is thrilled to announce its partnership with OverlayAnalytics as the Texas-based tech firm expands its operations into Halifax, Nova Scotia. Recognized as one of the most promising data and analytics startups in the world, OverlayAnalytics is now actively recruiting technical talent to join its newly established Atlantic Canadian team. Winners of the 2021 Global […]

Job Searching as a New Graduate Doesn’t Have to Be Intimidating


As a recent Saint Mary’s University graduate, I know first hand that the task of finding employment can be daunting, and doing so amid a global pandemic can feel almost impossible. In May 2021 I graduated with an undergraduate degree in International Development with a minor focused on both Developmental & Sustainable Economics. As a […]

How LifeRaft Leads with Culture at the Forefront of their Growth Strategy


With 20 hires in the past five months, LifeRaft is making big waves in the Atlantic Canadian tech market. Following a recent investment from the Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF) to put towards account expansion and new business, they’re poised to continue adding to their growing team and contributing to their thriving work culture. We spoke with […]

Covid; And The Aftermath of Women In The Workforce

Covid and the Aftermath of Women in the Workforce

Women around the world recently watched history in the making as Kamala Harris became the first female Vice President of the United States. After trailing behind men for many years, it was beginning to appear more common to see headlines of females in high level, leadership roles across a range of sectors, from CEO’s to […]

Venor Ranked in the Top 5% of Canadian Recruitment Firms

Venor is pleased to be selected as one of the most prominent Canadian recruitment firms, ranking in the Top 60 Recruiters in Canada as published by Hunt Scanlon for 2021. Hunt Scanlon presents this list annually to showcase the most influential and innovative Canadian recruitment firms. The list is compiled by Hunt Scanlon reporters and analysts who have researched […]

Venor Now Accepting Bitcoin


Venor is excited to announce that it will start accepting Bitcoin as payment for both recruitment and other services. Venor is proud to be an adopter of innovative technology. Many of Venor’s clients are technology-based companies that have expressed interest in paying for our services through a digital payment option. The migration towards digital representation of value […]

You’re 60 Conversations Away From a New Life Role. Here’s Why.

Youre 60 Conversations Featured

For many of us, a new year brings new resolutions and maybe a few new goals. And this year? Well, let’s just say I think the events of 2020 have inspired many of us to reassess how we live and work. Numerous people have contacted me this month, asking if I have any tips for […]

The Most Revealing Interview Question and How to Answer It

The Most Revealing Interview Questions Featured

As a recruiter, I’ve done countless interviews over the years. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way, it’s that interview prep doesn’t need to be complicated.  If you only do one thing, do this Research the company and the person you’re talking to before you meet with them.  That’s it. Nothing too […]

2020: A Year To Remember Or A Year To Forget?

2020 A Year to Remember Header

2020… It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.  But mostly, it was the worst of times. Yes, I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was a year like no other. And that’s most certainly an understatement. From the lowest lows (I wondered if I’d need to change careers during […]

This Black-owned Business Nailed Their Latest Marketing Campaign. Here’s How.

This Black-Owned Business Featured

Today, I want to share a story about two of my friends from North Preston.  Young entrepreneurs, they launched a new soul food restaurant, R&B Kitchen, not long before COVID-19 hit Nova Scotia. That they’ve grown their business during a pandemic is impressive in and of itself. But it was actually their latest marketing campaign […]

Meet Smarter, Not Longer: 5 Tips to Maximize Networking

Meet Smarter No Longer Featured

Just the other day, I arranged for two leaders to meet. I told both of them that they only had 15 minutes to cover everything they needed to. No problem! They hit it out of the park and accomplished everything they wanted. I wasn’t too surprised. Precision with one’s time is a common trait in […]

3 Reasons Your Tech Job Postings Aren’t Working and How to Fix It


USD 28.68 billion. That’s how much the online recruitment market was valued at last year. And while there’s no arguing COVID-19 has impacted the labour market in significant ways (employment levels, on the whole, decreased by 15% between February and April 2020), the software & tech sectors have remained resilient with 96% of technology leaders […]

The Mentor-Mentee Relationship: 6 Tips for Success

Mentor Mentee Featured

Chatting with some friends last week, the subject of reverse mentoring came up. I was surprised to hear so many of them still view mentoring as a one-way relationship. You know, a Yoda/Luke Skywalker type of thing where the wise, older master teaches their young apprentice the ways of the world.  I see it very […]

Headhunted Candidates are NOT Applicants. Here’s why.

Headedhunted Candidates Featured

OK, so full transparency, I started writing this post months ago. But then COVID-19 happened, and I got distracted by other priorities. That being said, given what’s happened to the Canadian hiring market and, more specifically, what clients perceive has happened to the hiring market, this topic feels more relevant than ever.  Here at Venor, […]

Venor Adds New Partners

Recruiting & Talent firm Venor, with offices in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, has announced that three of their staff will be purchasing shares to become partners in the firm. Shardeigh McGillivray, Erika Hildebrand, and Nick Misener become equity partners effective October 1, 2020. McGillivray, the first employee hired by founders Ian Sullivan and […]

Four Keys to Recruiting During COVID-19

Four Keys to Recruiting Featured

Well, I didn’t see this coming. My last blog series, How to Hire Software Development Talent in a Boom Economy, didn’t have the legs I expected it to… COVID-19 changed everything. And hiring managers across tech, manufacturing, professional services and more are experiencing a reality that’s totally different from the one we faced in 2019.  So what’s […]

Venor Returns to Newfoundland

JF Joins Venor Featured

Recruiting & Talent firm Venor, with offices in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and now Newfoundland, has opened a new St. John’s office focused on connecting Newfoundland organizations with new talent in the region. “We are thrilled to further our commitment to the Newfoundland market”, said Ian Sullivan, partner at Venor. “The pandemic has been a challenging time for […]

How a Global Pandemic Helped Me Say Goodbye to My Workaholic Habits

How-a-global-pandemic-helped-me-say-goodbye-to-my-workaholic-habits - featured

I have always been someone with a lot of energy, I believed in the hustle, the go go go and never seemed to mind that I was reheating my tea 5 times in a morning, too busy grinding to remember to take a sip. Enter a global pandemic – let’s just say this forced me […]

The First Day of School: Transitioning Into a New Role at Venor

First Day of School Featured 2

The First Day of School Feeling We all know that first day of school feeling that we’ve had as a kid. The night before some kids organize their school supplies to make sure everything is in order, some kids set goals for themselves for the year, and some kids organize their back to school outfits […]

3 Keys to Successful Onboarding

Man on train

Day #1 – I showed up for work, nobody knew who I was or why I was there. I brushed some paper off a table and sat down. Next up, I drove to the Apple store to pick up my computer. Day 1 complete. My first impressions of this company? I’ll leave it to you, the […]

The Recruitment Landscape Has Changed, So Why Haven’t Our Methods?

The Recruitment Landscape Featured

If anything is clear, it’s this – the rapid development of technology has fundamentally shifted the way we live and the way we work.  Mobile devices, big data, AI, and robotics are evolving at a pace that we’ve never seen before and many companies are playing catch up. In fact, companies around the world are finding […]